TattooStar Combo

Clear Tattoos in Fewer Treatments


TattooStar Combo engineered and built in Germany. 
A new dimension in q-switched lasers with a microlens array for perfect beam uniformity and a square shape. No hot or cold spots make Asclepion TattooStar the most effective system available.



Treat All Ink Colors, All Skin Types


 Cleared in 6 treatments


The First 4-Wavelength, Dual-Laser Platform.
TattooStar is the first single platform q-switched system with
wavelengths at 532, 585, 694 and 1064 nm.

Easily clear all colors in half the
treatment sessions of other popular systems.







Only 1/3 the Cost of a Picosecond Laser 

TattooStar Combo offers greater speed, durability, effectiveness, and versatility that will pay for itself 3 X faster than a picosecond system. Proven technology and solid engineering make TattooStar the best value for treating tattoos, pigment and other conditions. 


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